Gertrud & Otto Natzler

(1908 - 1971) and (1908-2007)

LAMA set the world auction record for any work by Gertrud & Otto Natzler on December 11, 2011 with Monumental Vase (1957) realizing $93,750. LAMA holds the top two auction records for works by the Natzlers.

About The Artist


Husband and wife Gertrud and Otto Natzler (1908–1971, 1908–2007) are internationally known for their collaborative pottery from 1933–1971. The Natzlers experimented with glaze and body, and in the process harmoniously fused the two together to create an expression of invisible unity, a feat for modern art. Gertrud focused on the form, which she skillfully created on the wheel, while Otto did not compete with Gertrud’s immense talent, and instead concentrated on the glaze. Otto invented over 2,000 glazes and various firing techniques. He carefully chose the glaze and method of firing to match the form of Gertrud’s pots to always form a perfect skin.